treat yourself

Isn’t it funny how we neglect our bodies in winter and then come the first hot day of summer, with the mandatory accompanying shorts and sleeveless shirt, we want to kick ourselves for not keeping up our summer body maintenance during the cold months? Yeah, I had that this week. Peeling off layers and socks and shoes to expose unkept claws toenails, lily white legs and dry elbows is the first step in the summer-body wake up. Luckily, I’m not one for putting on weight in winter (I maintain that simply shivering in the freezing cold Midlands conditions keeps me fit) but man, I can neglect my body badly.  But still she continues to keep moving, breathing and getting me from A to Z every day.  Well enough. It’s time to say thank you and spoil the crap out of this wondrous vessel to my spirit. Here’s what I’m doing to say thank you to my beautiful body:

A full body massage and reiki session.  Nothing like getting the circulation going and putting all those chakras back in balance.  I cannot recommend a re-booting session with Colleen at Midlands House of Healing highly enough. I feel revitalised, inspired, and energised to be the best version of myself after every treatment with my earth angel. I wish I could see her once a week.

A glass of warm water with lemon, followed by a raw juice to start off your morning. I swear by beetroot, carrot, apple, celery and ginger juice. Great for the digestive system and packing in some vitamins before a morsel of food even touches your lips.

Yoga stretches first thing when you wake up. There’s a reason animals stretch as soon as their eyes open – your muscles need to wake up and realign to enable optimum movement and minimum stiffness/pain during the day. If I’m short on time, I’ll start with a mountain pose, straight into downward dog (the best and most effective of all poses, in my humble opinion), followed by cat cow pose and then child pose to end. If I have the time, I love to do Mandy Ingber’s 20 minute Yogalosophy workout.

Get outside. Whether you’re running, cycling or just going for a walk, breathe the fresh air in deep. Be conscious and aware, present in the moment, with every inhale and exhale of the lungs. Play. Skip with your dogs. Pets are the most amazing way to relearn the joy of every waking moment and having a body that can run and move and swim.  Yesterday, my German Shepherd, Millie dived into the dam (no stick thrown, just off her own accord) and swam the whole length of said dam (a good 500m at least), just because she could. Talk about making use of your limbs and energy. Let your inner child take over your body for a little while and climb a tree or play jump rope. If you battle to do this, babysit a six year old.  Listen to your body the same way as you did as a kid.

Get some sun. Let it soak into your skin – even if you just sit on a park bench in the sunshine for fifteen minutes a day. That Vitamin D is the good shizz and super great for combatting those depression demons.

Salt baths every day. I love a good soak in the evening – this is where I do my reading and dreaming and immerse myself in other worlds and people’s lives for at least a good twenty minutes every night. Nothing like a little escape from the stresses of a long day to get you into relaxation mode and ready for bed.

Shave those legs. Cut/file those nails. Push back those cuticles. Put on a face mask. Moisturise every inch of your lovely skin. Paint your nails. I’m into pale pink at the moment. Pamper your body like it’s the last day you’ll ever have use of it.

Let your hair dry naturally. I let mine go wild today. I might cut it when it gets really hot, but for now I’m rather enjoying my lion mane.

Lay off the booze. This is a tough one for me with my lifestyle, but tonight at dinner I limited myself to one wine spritzer and lots of water.  Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow feeling fresh and ready for the day.  My body doesn’t like alcohol. I get lazy and uninspired on it, my skin breaks out and let’s not even talk about the cellulite that crops out of nowhere after a heavy weekend binge. If you are going to drink, remember to supplement a glass of water with every beverage.  You’ll drink slower and dilute the alcohol in your system.  If you are considering a little hiatus from the bottle, read this and then give it a go. You won’t regret it. There is NOTHING wrong with a little discipline now and then. Especially when it comes to your body. It’s the only one you have.

Go to bed early. Try not to look at your laptop, iPad or any other bright screens for an hour before bed. Read a book until your eyelids go sleepy. I also like to give thanks in the evening.  I’m not religious, but I take stock of the day and acknowledge my good fortune, health, marriage, job, friends and family before catching the train to dreamland.  If you are thankful for everything you do have, it’s hard to be unhappy – gratitude is the door to abundance.  And a happy mind makes for a happy body.

Eat chocolate. The dark stuff is good for you. Your tastebuds dig it and so does your body. You know it’s true. 77fe8f028796900445fb9a29a8024fc9   Illustration by Beth White – source

taking stock: the art of journalling

One of my all time favourite bloggers is the lovely Sydney over at The Daybook.  I read this post yesterday and decided to follow suit with a little “taking stock” exercise of my own.  I felt really great afterwards – and I think I will be re-doing this in my own journal every day.  I love journalling, but some days I really battle to get anything out of my crazy brain and onto paper.  I suppose it doesn’t  matter how you go about it, as long as you take the time to sit down and put pen to paper. But following this exercise will help you get it all out and you’ll feel much better, more focused and hopefully, inspired, for it too. Happy journalling!

Making: lots of travel plans… more on that soon.
Cooking: erm… you mean what’s Andrew cooking? As I write this, there is a crap load of pork belly slow roasting in our oven for the little dinner party we’re having tonight.
Drinking: Ice water and lemon. Current addiction. Better for you than wine, I suppose. Reading: I’ve just finished Lauren Beuke’s The Shining Girls. About to embark on Anna Karenina.
Wanting: a quiet little cottage, with a big yard for our dogs to play in, far away from other people and responsibilities.
Looking: at my shiny MacBook Air (obviously). But looking forward to having some time to myself in a couple of weeks, as well as a visiting Andrea all to myself for what will surely be a wine-fuelled, cackling and much-needed catch up.
Playing: with new design themes for my blog.
Wasting: time by not speaking my mind.
Sewing: a very pretty shirt back together after an incident involving Thombi and a burning hot iron.
Wishing: for that little cottage as mentioned above.
Enjoying: long salt baths and early morning walks with my husband.
Waiting: for mid-October.
Liking: reading emails from one of my oldest friends in the world, Linda. (You should read her blog. She is pretty damn awesome.)
Loving: my husband. Always.
Hoping: for a Christmas bonus.
Marveling: at the occasional call of the Fish Eagle from the dam on the farm. Truly one of the most hauntingly beautiful and quintessentially African sounds in the world.
Needing: a light sun tan and some real alone time.
Smelling: the freshly-cut grass and the first rains of summer.
Wearing: shorts. Can you believe it?
Following: my dreams. Slowly, but surely.
Noticing: the sun rising earlier and earlier every day and the accompanying good energy that comes with it.
Knowing: I am loved.
Thinking: about the difference between a novel and a novella.
Bookmarking: travel blogs.
Opening: a lot of wine bottles tonight, I’m sure.
Giggling: at my chubby little black pygmy labrador. How can one little body contain SO much excitement?
Feeling: tired, and a little stressed, but also excited and hopeful.


*Page taken from the beautiful Sydney’s blog, The Daybook.

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the ruby orchard

ruby orchard

Visited The Ruby Orchard in Howick a couple of days ago and left with a bag full of goodies and pretty much 100% certain on where the majority of my Christmas shopping is going to be taking place.  Specialising in beautiful frames and mirrors, The Ruby Orchard is situated in an old renovated house with lots of light and air filtering into inter-leading rooms which are jam-packed with lovely (also read: reasonably priced) decor, homeware and gifts. I bought a polka dot scarf which I’ve worn almost every day since purchase, a heart-shaped little turquoise bowl (currently holding my rings) and some framed text (see below), while Andrew fell in love with these awesome little egg dippy boards which we are planning on using for breakfast this morning. Stay tuned for pics on Instagram – it’s gonna happen. Hope you have a lovely 1st October (ohmigoditsalmostchristmas)! I’m off to pinch and punch Andrew before he even opens his big blue eyes.


Yea, you knew I had to buy that. Already hanging above my desk (thanks husband xxx).

The Ruby Orchard

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she did not turn her head

Fell in love with a another guy’s girl
Maybe she knew it, maybe not
Never would admit it if she did and
Would never love me back either
Fell in love with the sparkle in her eyes
Her earth-shining laugh, the deep pool between her collarbones
How she knew she was lovely,
The way only a full-up-on-love woman could.
I fell in love with the way she looked at her husband
The way her eyes followed him around
Searching for him when he was gone
Smiling in quiet pleasure when he was back.
I fell in love with the way she touched his arm
So lightly, just so he knew that she was there.
I fell in love with the way her lips moved to equal his when he spoke,
The way she moved when he was around, confident that if she fell, he’d catch her.
I wanted to be him.
I wanted her to love me like that.
I left in the early morning mist
She walked me out in her nightgown
And ridiculous bunny slippers
Hair messy from sleep
Face still in last night’s smudged make up.
But to me she was beautiful.
And she knew it
In the sweet sympathetic way of a woman
Who knows she is loved by someone she would never love back.
She kissed me on the lips
Said she would write
I knew she wouldn’t.
I glanced in the rear view mirror as I turned the corner
Her back was turned and she was walking through the front door
Back into her perfect life
And as much as I wanted her to, she did not turn her head
Not even once
To watch me drive away.

married woman

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introducing charlie june


My mom (great lover of good music and general all round festino) sent me a link to this video a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been playing it a lot. There is something about Charlie June’s voice that sneaks under your skin – I can’t quite place what it is, but I like it.  Also, she is really cute, reminding me a little of Marie from Roxette with a pinch of Claire Johnson from Mango Grove (LOVE her hair).  But she is also completely her own, which she proves by tackling Nicki Minaj’s Starships as her first cover. Not an easy feat, but she nails it in a way which is all her own – and I think I actually prefer her version. Twenty-two, from Johannesburg and currently residing in Cape Town, Charlie is fresher than a pair of newly laundered pink socks.  Give her a listen, subscribe to her YouTube channel and show her some love, because I want to hear more from this lady. And so will you.

Like her on Facebook: Charlie June

Follow her on Twitter: @_CharlieJune

Follow her on Instagram: charlie_love_june

Rash her on all of the above so we can get a new song out of her soon! Have a lovely week, Kez xxx

what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I would…

Skydive. Tomorrow.
Pack my backpack and head off to Europe for an undetermined amount of time. Followed by South America, Thailand, India and Australia.
Do a yoga teacher training course in Bali.
Learn how to scuba dive.
Bake and ice a three-tier wedding cake.
Knit a pair of baby booties.
Quit my job and sit down for three months straight to write down the story that won’t stop bashing around in my brain.
Go topless on the beach.
Walk around in a bikini without sucking my tummy in.
Sit in a bikini without sucking my tummy in.
Stop sucking my tummy in full stop.
Say no to the things and people who waste my time and suck the energy out of my existence.
Fall pregnant.
Tell that person how and why he broke my heart into a million pieces.
Forgive that person.
Let Andrew go on a three week boys trip to Ibiza.
Give my entire month’s salary to someone who REALLY needs it. And then,
Put everything on the credit card.
Dye my hair pink. Or blue. Turquoise.
Get another tattoo. In a visible place.
Stop drinking.
Run a marathon.
Get serious about my health. Like six-pack serious.
Buy a herd of alpacas.
Get married again. In a short gyspy dress, with flowers in my hair and sandals on my feet, on a desert island somewhere, with no one in attendance but my husband and I.
Write down my dreams.
Delete this blog and save all my creativity and clever ideas for that novel mentioned above.
Be honest. (the hardest, scariest thing of all)

What would you do?


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one more day…

Until Market on the Square tomorrow evening in Umhlangha! Andrew and I are leaving for Durban straight after work. Our hotel is booked. It’s going to be so nice to have some alone time with my husband – I don’t think we have been left alone or done anything, just the two of us, for at least a week.  I can’t wait to browse some pretty stalls, eat something yummy and chill out with my man over a glass of wine (or three). And on Saturday morning, when we eventually roll out of our big hotel bed, I’m going to smash a continental breakfast in my face and then head on over to visit my friend Nicole and her man, Andy, and meet their baby for the first time.  It’s the little things.